Onboarding Kit: 10 Best Gifts to be included in the kit

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Onboarding kits have been a new normal for welcoming employees into the organization. Employee engagement starts the second another worker walks in the entryway, so companies must establish a good impression on their first day!

They’ll love the experience of opening this box and mindfully taking each one of these onboarding essentials out of their welcome package and feel part of the group whether they are in the workplace or working remotely. The best onboarding packs add value by including a variety of useful things, practical things, and some great pieces. Here are some of our top picks for what to remember for a recently added team member onboarding kit.

Coffee Mug

Regardless of whether you’re a coffee person or a tea person, cups are a good item for the workplace. This is an extraordinary way for your customer to tell their fresh recruits they’re a part of the group. Some may consider them to be a boring item but they still make way to many of the onboarding kits simply because they are one of the most utilized items in office.

Desk Plants

Plants are an incredibly inviting gift to make new joiners feel at home. They give an uplifting tone to not only the desk but also uplift the mood of an individual. In general they simply liven up the empty work area. Choose from a wide range of succulents and cacti that need lower maintenance and can survive with few drops of water for days.


A good pair of headphones has become a necessity in the hybrid way of workings. It not only enables them to connect with clients and teams over meetings but also peacefully enjoy perhaps music to improve their productivity. Adding a good set in the onboarding kit is a great way to give fresh recruits a medium to connect seamlessly.

Snack Box

Who doesn’t enjoy a snack while at work? A snack box can be a superb addition to an onboarding kit or be in itself a complete hamper. They can be enjoyed alone, with colleagues at workplace or with families/roommates if delivered at home.

Safety Essentials

Since we are in a pandemic time, it’s of most extreme significance to ensure safety of employees at work place and outside. Safety essentials such as Hand Sanitizers, N95 masks and Disposable gloves have become a necessity in new joiner kits for their safety.


Books are your best friend. A good book will not only motivate the new employee but also help them understand the way of working in a better way. They are good gift to help them some time away from the computer screens. good food for thought!

Habit Tracker

They say that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. With habit tracker you can easily work towards developing and monitoring your habits. Developed by psychologists, they provide an easy way to track the habit development.

Water Bottle

Water bottles make keeping oneself hydrated simple! They come in wide variety in terms of size, color, type and price range. They offer a good brand visibility at work stations and at desks.


Pens are though small but can create huge brand presence. No wonder they are top merchandise choice at many promotional events. They come in wide variety and hence can easily become a part of gift hampers for new joiners, clients, influencers or even top executives.

Photo Frames

For recently added team members, the ability to add an individual touch to their work areas will give them comfort and a feeling of belonging. Likewise, photo frames are an incredible choice to add to their work stations to feel close to their loved ones.

Do let us know in the comments below what have been for favourite items received as part of onboarding kit from your company.

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