5 points you should know before you order t-shirts for corporate gifting

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T-shirts are an all time favorite when it comes to corporate gifting. Be it for events, for new joiners for sales and marketing persons, they carry the brand image very elegantly and boldly. Like t-shirts in sports in used to identify a team and instills a sense of belonging in the player, in the same way t-shirts instill a sense of belonging in the employees. There are various kinds of variable that one needs to keep in mind before placing the order. Don’t worry we’ll walk you through these variables so that it becomes easier for you when you place the next order.


T-shirt size is an easy yet tricky variable. It is usually available in ‘S’ ‘M’ ‘L’ ‘XL’ ‘XXL’ sizes. One common mistake that people do while placing the order is that they go blindly with the letter categorization however, in most of the times it may happen that the sizes vary with the brand. Hence, it is advisable to always ask for a size chart. This way you can be sure of the actual size.

Branded vs Non branded T-shirts

It is common perception that the branded t-shirts will be superior in quality when compared to the local t-shirts. Over the years brands like Arrow, Marks & Spencers, Adidas, US Polo, Puma, Allen Solly have made their name in the apparel category and are quite popular for premium gifting.

However, when budget is a constraint you can go for local brands and still make good gift by knowing these three things. Firstly, the material of the cotton. It is discussed at length in the coming section. Secondly, the GSM of the cloth. GSM is nothing but grams per square meter. The popular GSM range varies between 190-290. Thirdly, any special process like mercerization, bio wash etc. with these treatments the feel of the cloth changes drastically even though they may be 220 GSM 100% cotton t-shirts.


Although t-shirts are available in wide range of colors, the most common color tends to be black, white, navy blue, red and grey. The newer shades like melange blue, electric blue, electric green are also catching up the trend. The logos can be made via embroidery or can be printed on the t-shirt. While getting the branding done, do ensure that the t-shirt color is in contrast to the logo.


Cotton: Rightly called the “king of all fabrics”, cotton is a most preferred material for corporate t-shirt. This is because the texture gives a pleasant blend of delicateness, breathability, and solace for easygoing wear. These are generally more expensive than polyester and Polycotton t-shirts.

Polyester: One more famous choice of fabric for custom t-shirts, polyester, a synthetic fabric that is regularly used for sports apparel. This is on the grounds that the material is quick-drying and comfortable. It holds shape and isn’t prone to shrinking or stretching with multiple washes. However, it may not be as comfortable as cotton, but it is a preferred medium to work with regards to the transfer printing procedure. As it requires passing the plan from a special sort of paper or plastic to the article of clothing, this texture empowers better connection of the design.

Poly-Cotton Blend: A 50:50 blend of polyester and cotton or poly-cotton mix combines the smartest possible solution in natural and synthetic fabric. Additionally, it will, in general, be a reasonable choice for some and can be less expensive than 100 percent cotton fabrics. They will quite often hold their shape well and are not inclined to shrink much more than 100% cotton fabrics, which might generally shrink when washed on different occasions. Moreover, it’s well suited for the techniques of online t-shirt printing in India.

Linen: One more natural fabric that is most appropriate for summertime clothing is extremely lightweight. It isn’t quite as normal as using different materials for custom t-shirts. In any case, it may very well be an incredible decision for its moisture-absorbing and breathable feel. However, it may not be suited for all printing procedures.

Tri-Blends: A “hybrid” mix of three textures ñ cotton, polyester, and rayon in a tri-mix can compensate for the disadvantages of every fabric by offering a very joined final result. For example, the lightness of rayon, along with the non-softness of cotton and the strength of polyester, can offer the right balance of style, comfort, and perseverance. Having said that, do really look at the fabric combination to decide its strength and match for your design.


The Crew Neck: Probably the most universal t-shirt that you will find on men is the group crew neck t-shirt. It is described by a round, circular neck area that fits cosily at the neck and works best on men with long, limited faces and sloped shoulders to make a balanced outline. For an ever-enduring look, nothing overtakes the group neck t-shirt.

The V Neck: As the name suggests, this kind of t-shirt frames a V shape at the neck. Guys with round appearances and broad shoulders can take advantage of this neck area as it compliments their body type, giving them a slimmer look. It tends to be combined with an unbuttoned shirt, wherein the V-neck area doesn’t show from under the shirt.

The Henley – Y neck: The Henley t-shirt is best described as a hybrid between the group and the V-neck areas. It accompanies a buttoning placket that runs a few inches down and fits completely over a very well constructed, muscular chest. The addition of buttons expands its stylish appeal while keeping a slippery sort of machismo.

Polo t shirt collar: Polo shirts are made well known by golf players, and the collared variety improved with buttons adds a sensation of custom to the look. Men with a lean frame can most advantage this t-shirt type.

Raglan sleeve types: The cut and perspective of long sleeve t-shirts, which are available in three-quarter and full-length sleeves, are inspired by baseball outfits.In this kind of t-shirt, the sleeves are connected to the shirt on a corner-to-corner crease rather than the nonexclusive straight all around the chest seam, which is more common

We hope that the article helps you choose the right t-shirt for your gifting needs the next time. If you have any queries drop an email to contact@swackit.com

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