Top 10 eco-friendly gift ideas for corporate gifting

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Eco-friendly items are the answer to the growing concern around sustainability. Many companies now offer products with promote sustainability. They are are a first small step in the right direction. Replacing plastic straws with steel straws, using notebooks made of recycled paper, using multi-use containers are little things one can do from their side to contribute towards sustainability. In this article we explore top 10 eco-friendly gift ideas for corporate gifting

Plantable Notebook

These notebooks are made from recycled paper. The cover of the notebook is made from the seed paper i.e. seeds were mixed into the paper when it was made. When the notebook is over, tear the cover into small pieces and plant them in your garden or pots. They make a big impression during marketing/corporate events. Make sure you book one when you plan your next big event.

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Metal Bottles

Have you ever wondered what happens with the plastic water bottles used in the corporate setup? They add up to tonnes of plastic waste generated for the office space. What can you do stop it? The answer is simple. Don’t promote plastic bottles. Gift your new joiners metal bottles/flasks in the onboarding kits and inculcate the culture of reusing bottles.

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Wheat straw travel kits

These travel kits contain 2 brush and a comb set. Made from wheat straw they are eco-friendly. They make perfect gift for employees who travel for business purpose. Rather than using singe use toiletry from the hotel, if the employees can use these kits, it is surely going to bring down the use of plastic items.

Seed Pens

They are wonderfully cute gift. Usually made of recycled paper and with seed of your choice at the end, you can plant the seeds when the ink of the pen finishes. Again these are one those gifts which stays with you much beyond the usage of the actual product.

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Jute Bags

They are handy and eco-friendly. Perfect mate for you to carry lunch to office and also is handy to be used as grocery bags and carry bags. It seems like they’ve around us for ages and still they are evergreen corporate gift.

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Visiting card that grows

What if we tell you that your visiting card can grow plants? Don’t be surprised these visiting cards made from seed paper carry the message of sustainability. Now not only you but your visiting card can also act as a messenger of sustainability.

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Wheat straw pen holder

These pen holder made from wheat straw are perfect desk stationary addition. With their wide body they can not only hold pens but also hold smartphones. Equipped with USB ports they can also act as USB hub. With large area available for corporate branding they can act as your brand ambassadors.

Coaster from Recycled Paper

They make a perfect gift idea for large corporate events. Made from recycled paper they surely give out the message loud and clear that it is time to go eco-friendly. They can stay with individuals much beyond the event and can constantly remind them of sustainable living

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A single plant single handedly add positive vibes to the workstation. Be it office desk or desk set up at home for remote work, they make perfect addition as desk decor. With plants like succulent and cactus they are low maintenance and stay fresh without water for days. Some of the varieties can stay good even without water and sunlight and water and there can be easily shipped to the door step of your employees.

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Organic Nuts

You can add organic flavored nuts to your gift box. They make healthy snack and are perfect for small break in between work.

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Let us know more about the eco-friendly products that we can include for corporate gifting

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