Classic T-shirt

Budget T-shirt

Starts at Rs 250

Biowash Cotton T-shirt

Starts at Rs 350

Branded T-shirts

Starts at Rs 550

Dry fit T-shirt

Starts at Rs 650

Polo T-shirt

Plain PC Polo

Starts at Rs 375

Plain Cotton Polo

Starts at Rs 475

Tipping Cotton Polo

Starts at Rs 525

Branded T-shirts

Starts at Rs 775



Starts at Rs 600

Zipper Hoodie

Starts at Rs 650

Premium Hoodie

Starts at Rs 750

Branded Hoodie

Starts at Rs 2400


Tipping Sweatshirt

Starts at Rs 800

Rare Rabbit Sweatshirt

Starts at Rs 1425

Puma Sweatshirt

Starts at Rs 1950

UCB Sweatshirt

Starts at Rs 1928


Half Vest

Starts at Rs 650

Puffed Jacket

Starts at Rs 1000

Arrow Vest

Starts at Rs 1850

Monte Carlo Jacket

Starts at Rs 2400


Peter England Shirt

Starts at RS 850

Raymond Shirt

Starts at Rs 950

Jack&Jones Shirt

Starts at Rs 1235

Van Heusen Shirt

Starts at Rs 1675

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What are different types of apparels suitable for corporate gifting?

There are a variety of apparel options that are suitable for corporate gifting, including:

Polo Shirts

A classic and versatile option, polo shirts are a popular choice for corporate gifting. They can be customized with logos or branding, and come in a range of colors and materials.


Another popular option, t-shirts can also be customized with logos or branding, and come in a range of styles and materials.


Ideal for colder weather or outdoor events, jackets can be customized with branding and come in a range of styles, including fleece, softshell, and insulated.

Formal Shirts

Formal shirts are a timeless classic and an ideal choice for formal events or conferences. They come in a variety of fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk, and are available in various colors and patterns.


A casual and comfortable option, hoodies can also be customized with branding and come in a range of colors and materials.


Sweatshirts are a versatile and comfortable option for corporate gifting, perfect for casual Fridays or team-building events. They come in a range of styles, from classic crew necks to zip-up hoodies.

Q. Why are apparels a popular choice for corporate gifts?

Apparels are a popular choice for corporate gifts because they are highly practical, versatile, and customizable. Corporate gifting with apparels allows companies to reinforce their brand identity, promote their products or services, and show appreciation to their employees, clients, or partners. Additionally, the wide range of apparel options available, such as t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts, allows companies to select the right style, color, and design to match their brand and target audience. Furthermore, apparel is a useful and long-lasting gift that can be worn repeatedly, making it a great investment for businesses seeking to create a lasting impression.

Q. What branding options are available for t-shirts?

There are several branding options available for t-shirts, including:

Screen Printing

This is the most common method of branding t-shirts. It involves printing the design onto the fabric using a screen and ink.


This is a more sophisticated branding option that involves stitching the design onto the fabric using a needle and thread.

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

This is a newer method of branding t-shirts that involves printing the design directly onto the fabric using a special printer.

Heat Transfer

This involves printing the design onto transfer paper and then applying it to the fabric using a heat press.

Vinyl Printing

This involves cutting the design out of a special vinyl material and then applying it to the fabric using a heat press.
Each branding option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider factors such as the design, the fabric of the t-shirt, and the quantity of shirts needed before choosing the best branding option.

Q. What are popular t-shirt or shirt brands for corporate gifting in India?

When it comes to corporate gifting, there are several popular t-shirt brands in India that offer high-quality products with customization options. Some of the top brands in this category include Adidas, Puma, Arrow, Van Heusen, Nike, Jack & Jones(J&J), Marks & Spencers(M&S), Rare Rabbit, United Colors of Benetton (UCB), US Polo, Flying machine etc.

Q. For which occasions can I buy t-shirts in bulk?

T-shirts are a versatile and popular choice for bulk purchases for various occasions. Corporate events, team-building activities, sports events, product launches, and promotional giveaways are some of the occasions where t-shirts can be an excellent choice for bulk gifting. They can also be used as a uniform for employees, volunteers, or team members, creating a sense of belonging and team spirit. T-shirts can be customized with company logos, slogans, or designs, making them an effective promotional tool. Additionally, t-shirts can also be gifted on festivals, birthdays, and other personal occasions to show appreciation and build relationships.

Q. Can I order single unit of t-shirt?

Yes, you can order a single unit of a t-shirt as a sample, however, it will not be branded. We offer sample orders to ensure that you are satisfied with the product quality before placing a larger order. These samples are typically sold at full price and do not qualify for bulk pricing discounts. It is important to note that the purpose of ordering a sample is to assess the product’s quality, size, and fit.

Q. Can you deliver to employees based outside India?

Yes, we have global delivery partners and can deliver to international locations. Our delivery services are not limited to India only, so you can place your order for corporate gifts with us and have them delivered to your employees wherever they may be located.