Bamboo Cover Notebook

Starts at Rs 120

Cork Cover Notebook

Starts at Rs 190

Plantable Pens

Starts at Rs 70

Recycled Paper Notebook

Starts at Rs 175


Jute Bag

Starts at Rs 150

Canvas Bag

Starts at Rs 150

Recycled Plastic Laptop Sleeves

Starts at Rs 1350

Recycled Plastic Tote Bag

Starts at Rs 1195


USB pen stand

Starts at Rs 299

Wooden Coasters

Starts at Rs 70

Glass Travel Mug

Starts at Rs 250

Bamboo Flask

Starts at Rs 575


Plant in a pot

Starts at Rs 350

Sprouter Kit

Starts at Rs 160

Self watering plant pot

Starts at Rs 150

Tulsi Seeds

Starts at Rs 99

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why are eco-friendly corporate gifts a popular choice among corporations?

Eco-friendly corporate gifts are a popular choice among corporations because they promote sustainability and demonstrate a company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. These gifts can help build a positive brand image, increase customer loyalty, and attract environmentally conscious customers. Additionally, eco-friendly gifts are often unique and memorable, making them a great way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Q. What are different types of eco-friendly products suitable for corporate gifting?

There are several eco-friendly products that are suitable for corporate gifting, including reusable water bottles, bamboo utensils, tote bags made from recycled materials, solar-powered chargers, eco-friendly stationery, seed paper products, organic cotton apparel, and more. These products not only promote sustainability and environmental consciousness but also offer a practical and functional gift option for recipients.

Q. For which occasions can I buy eco-friendly products in bulk for corporate gifting?

Eco-friendly products are a great choice for corporate gifting for various occasions such as company anniversaries, employee recognition events, festivals like Diwali and Christmas, conferences, seminars, trade shows, and other corporate events where you want to make a positive impact and promote sustainability.

Q. Is there a difference between sustainable and eco-friendly products?

Yes, there is a difference between sustainable and eco-friendly products.
Eco-friendly products are those that have minimal negative impact on the environment. These products are made from environmentally friendly materials and often have a recyclable or biodegradable component. Examples of eco-friendly products include reusable bags, water bottles, and bamboo utensils.
On the other hand, sustainable products are those that are not only eco-friendly but also socially and economically responsible. These products are made using sustainable materials and practices that consider the long-term impact on the environment, society, and the economy. Examples of sustainable products include clothing made from organic cotton, furniture made from reclaimed wood, and solar-powered electronics.
While both eco-friendly and sustainable products share the goal of reducing environmental impact, sustainable products take it a step further by also considering social and economic factors.

Q. Can I order a single unit?

Yes, you can order a single unit of an eco-friendly product as a sample, however, it will not be customized. We offer sample orders to ensure that you are satisfied with the product quality before placing a larger order. These samples are typically sold at full price and do not qualify for bulk pricing discounts. It is important to note that the purpose of ordering a sample is to assess the product’s quality and features.

Q. Can you deliver to employees based outside India?

Yes, we have global delivery partners and can deliver to international locations. Our delivery services are not limited to India only, so you can place your order for corporate gifts with us and have them delivered to your employees wherever they may be located.